Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Using the Right Tool at the Right Time

Content Marketing uses valuable content to draw a target audience to your site. If executed properly, content marketing attracts search engine attention to your website and encourages better website traffic. When compared to just text and graphics, the components used in content marketing will be more entertaining to users and engage them on multiple levels.

The best ideas for Content Marketing

Although you could use all of the following, each idea has a specific discipline and should be measured for its success relative to the goals of your business.

  • videos - Hosted either by you or on services like YouTube. Click the video on the right as an example.
  • newsletter campaigns - directed through services such as Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact
  • podcasts - If your business offers educational opportunities
  • white papers - can be effective if our audience is primarily management
  • blogs - require constant monitoring, but can engage your market in vibrant ways.
  • articles - Provided the content remains fresh.

The subtle nature of content marketing engages your customers without trying to sell them something. It presumes a level of integrity that should not be sacrificed for the expediency of a quick sale.