Affordable Coupon Services

Coupon ManagementFew things generate repeat sales better than coupons that expire soon. That’s why we use a coupon service.

Customers love getting them and using them.
Merchants enjoy the added business, even if it is at a slightly less margin.

There’s just one problem with internet coupons.  They can be copied to the point that their significance to the intended user becomes meaningless.  It’s like the old adage, “If everyone is special then no one is special.”

Until now.

Coupon Tracking and Verification Services

We can show you how to monitor your customer sales for coupon use.  At intervals that you select you can issue client specific coupons based on time, price, frequency, availability or other criteria.  When you send the coupon to the client, it arrives with an encrypted code that is unique to that client.  Only the client can use the coupon.  And, should you elect to make it a one time only coupon, the coupon will expire when used.

We can help you track the overall success of the coupon campaign and suggest strategies for repeat events.

And, if you are using our email campaigns, the coupons can be included at no additional charge.

We can also show you Gift Certificates

  • Your clients can purchase gift certificates that are automatically emailed out upon purchase
  • You can choose how your gift certificates look and define your own gift certificate profiles.
  • Optional expiration events
  • Detailed history of Gift Certificate Usaget

Let us help you integrate these tools into your email campaigns.  Contact us now.