Mobile SEO and Why Your Site Needs It.

Recently Google announced a change in their policy that will reward sites that employ good mobile optimization with better AdWords performance. For websites that use Google AdWords, your ads will drive traffic at a lower cost if Google perceives that you have a mobile-optimized site.iphone Websites

According to a study at Search engine land, 25 percent of all paid search clicks came from mobile devices by the end of 2012.  By 2014 that number increased to 35%.  In April 2015, Google began favoring mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results to improve searchers’ experiences

Although your budget department will complain that you just spent all that money building your new website, if you have not incorporated Mobile Search and Tablet SEO Search into your site then your job is only half finished.

It doesn’t involve completely re-building your site to make it mobile ready.

We can show you now.  Contact Us.

If you want to do this part yourself, you can always try Google’s free mobile page builder.  Google offers a free mobile website building tool.

It’s hard to complain about a free app, but if you get frustrated with it or feel that you want something more in keeping with the look and feel of your current site, then we would like to speak with you.

Now may also be a good time to let us evaluate your website for your ipad & tablet content.  Tablet SEO users have different search needs and we can tailor your website to serve both.