Persistent Website Attacks

Many small business sites experience site failures due to denial of service attacks.Website Attacks Any internet service provider is vulnerable to such attacks, although most of the larger providers have systems in place to recognize and prevent these attacks. However, you can also use specialize products to discourage attackers. We like WordFence and iTheme’s Security Pro.

What DNS attacks do

Denial of services attacks are attempts to overwhelm the operating system of a server and force it into an error recovery mode. If not properly configured, the attacked server may offer diagnostic information that helps hackers gain further access to the system. If the hacker can gain access to the root folder of the server then they may be able to upload software that will snoop for passwords and email addresses. While we work with clients who host accounts at, we charge more because their system is difficult to navigate and we often have to write specialized code to work within their structures. Some people have also complained about Go-Daddy’s servers injecting advertising code into their web pages. We proudly host our accounts at Bluehost’s facilities in Provo, Utah include the 50,000 square foot headquarters with two secondary data centers locations totaling over 20,000 square feet. Between the 99.9% Network Up-time Guarantee and the 800 number to their USA headquarters where real technicians answer 24/7, our clients enjoy unparalleled support. Bluehost provides UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world. The following YouTube video details for you all the services and features that make Bluehost such a reliable service provider. Check out Bluehost here.. We provide site integrity checks, domain registration and renewals, cPanel assistance and more. Disclosure: We are compensated for our recommendations.