Social Networking Site Development

Multiple Marketing Platforms that build client loyalty

Building social networks into your website invites users to have conversations with you and each other.  It entails a much higher involvement on your part, but can yield a fierce customer loyalty as the community solidifies around your brand.social_network_tabs

Social networks reflect back to you what the market perceives your message to be.  Your involvement can help frame that message, but you probably won’t be able to completely control it.  Nevertheless, it is a risk worth taking because an army of advocates is a powerful force.

How we build Social Platforms

Our team of developers is worldwide.  We use components from places such as Greece, Italy and Australia that allow for the maximum amount of peer-to-peer user interaction.

Our hosting services are constantly monitored for cross-site scripting attacks, denial of service attacks and known social network vulnerabilities.

We will help you develop your online community in ways that support your business efforts.

Our social network package includes:

  • Components that interact with Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Instant messaging among members of your site.
  • Individual “mini-sites” that your members create and you control.
  • Video/audio sharing within the boundaries that you decide.
  • Blogs with moderated comments
  • Privacy Settings tailored to the individual members
  • Discussion Threads that can be edited or deleted
  • Email Notification of moderators, supervisors and members
  • Wall and Comments for public, private or selective use.
  • Groups
  • Event components that give your site the ability to:
    • create events,
    • join events,
    • sell event tickets.
    • upload event photos,
    • upload event videos,
    • upload event files,
    • comment on photos, videos, and files,
    • download files,
    • discuss on discussion boards,
    • and write on event walls!
    • Back-end and Front-end Administrator Panel
    • Performance and participation Statistics
    • Customizable Profiles
    • Google Map integration for directions to special events

     If you have ever had your kids say “Don’t call me, just text me” you are already in a social network.

    Now is the time to make it work for you. Contact us.