Five Major Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

WordPress does a good job on SEO through its basic structure. You can improve what it delivers by organizing and detailing the information in the articles and blogs.

Although it is a bit dated, Matt Cutts of Google notes that WordPress is “made to do SEO well” in this YouTube video.

There have been several version upgrades since the one he mentions, so be sure to check your system and have it automatically update your system and plug-ins.

We use enhanced SEO structures from Yoast to improve our page performance.

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There are over 18,000 plug-ins for WordPress. Be advised that some are poorly written by high school kids looking for their first big break. Don’t install anything until you do a full review and ask your webmaster if the plug-in you are considering can be done a better way.

FBWD - Foggy Bottom Web Design


There are thousands of WordPress developers available.  In addition, many people volunteer their help via forums.  Most questions have already been asked and answered via Google. Want to learn more about WordPress?

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Hooks –

Rather than being a closed system, WordPress publishes an application programming interface (API) that will allow you to add deeper levels of functionality to your site.

This is way beyond the abilities of the average WordPress user. But an awareness of the capability may guide you as you seek professional enhancements for your site.

Small Business Websites in WordPress

Alabama Smaill Business WebsitesIn the past, small business websites in Alabama have been a secondary form of advertising.  Flyers, phone book ads, newspapers, radio and TV were all seen as the more important ways to make the community aware of your business.  That is all changing because the way people gather information has changed.  Now people shop at home for items from Stevenson to Scotland.

So, if you neglect your website, it’s like neglecting the front door of your store. Customers may pass you by without you being aware of the loss.