Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to get your website noticed by the search engines and what to do if they ignore you.

SEO Huntsville Search Engine OptimizationSEO Huntsville - Search Engine Optimization is a discipline, shrouded in mystery, filled with nebulous promises that can be difficult to measure or achieve.

So why is there a thriving SEO industry?  Because there are enough firms that deliver on what they promise that people looking to improve their website effectiveness contact those firms that deliver.

If you are willing to spend enough money you can dominate the search engines for selected key words.  Most people don’t want to spend that kind of money.  So, when your ambitions are more modest, what can you do?

Contact us.  We can show you ways to structure your organic pages so that Google, Bing and others perceive your pages to be the cogent, succinct pages that their clients prefer.

We can measure the keyword world that you are pursuing and let you know what the competition is spending for that space.  Then we can suggest strategies to you that could land you in the top 20 organically and maybe have an ad placement at the same time that really ads impact to what the searcher sees in the all important “results moment.”

Why should SEO Huntsville Help Improve Your rankings and Website Promotion?

The search engines see the people who use the engines as their customers.  They want to deliver the precise results their customers were searching for.  When someone searches for a broad subject, such as “seo huntsville”, they want to deliver a page that will satisfy their customer on a number of levels. (Think about where you found this page.)

  • Is the page technically competent?  Does it meet W3C standards without creating CSS or JavaScript errors?
  • Is the search moment the focus of the page being considered or just a tangent to the subject?
  • Can the searcher find other related information that falls within the realm of the general search idea?
  • Does the site offer audio, video or other forms of extended customer education?
  • Can the client act on the information he finds within that domain or does he get sent to yet another site?

 Our SEO Packages include…create and share

  • Marketing discussions about you, your clients and what you perceive to be the website’s job.
  • Analysis of your current website for clarity and focus.
  • Keyword analysis to see if people are buying what you are selling.
  • Internal page linking analysis to promote site continuity
  • Detailed reports on how your pages perform when traffic comes to your site.
  • Definition of search engine goals and the budgets they require.

Steps to a better SEO Solution…

  1. Build a smart keyword database and pages designed to promote it..
  2. Optimize those pages for search engine crawlers. We can make even FLASH pages popular.
  3. Improve your internal linking for ease of use and continuity.
  4. Submit your site to credible search engines with tracking codes to measure performance.
  5. Implement campaigns to improve your visibility on other industry related sites.

You can do some of this yourself.  But why spend all the time it takes to learn to do it right when we are just a phone call away at 256-776-1499?