Alabama Custom Websites?

Aren’t all websites custom websites? Not really.  Although the domain name and content may be different, many websites are hosted and served at website factories.

Custom Websites at Foggy Bottom Web Design

They use templates that severely restrict changes that you may want to make.  They have rules about the operating environment that may keep you from being able to email all your clients, show videos or build a social community.

Templates, themselves, are neither good nor bad. They are simply a place to begin developing the website. Often they present an underlying, tested architecture that developers like because they don’t have to re-invent the wheel. But it is shortsighted to insist that a client use a template when his needs indicate another direction.

Templates are different from themes. Templates control how a website page works. Themes control how a website page looks. 

Some templates are locked into a particular theme, which is a clue that they are stuck in the late 90’s in terms of website development.

The point to keep in mind is that trading the freedom of building your website to be exactly what you want it to be should never be sacrificed for the expediency of getting a site on-line. If you don’t have the time to do it right, do you have the time to do it over?

We offer all levels of website customization

We can build your site from scratch using PHP, HTML5 and AJAX. We don’t do ASP.

We can use basic architectures such as Joomla and WordPress and apply amazing thematic customization to them.
We can make the underlying website appear so differently that you might not recognize it as the same site.

Let us surprise you with an affordable quote to make your look like you want it to.

If we can’t do what you ask we will tell you up front.

Tailor Made Components

In addition to the custom look and feel available with either your photography or stock images, we can also offer:

  • VideoScribe Movies
  • Professionally Produced Movies
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Copy Writing

Don’t accept the mediocrity of the cookie-cutter websites.  Call us at 256-776-1499 for a quote or contact us.