How to define a good internet marketing plan for your business.

internet Marketing ConceptMost people do not give a lot of thought to what their website does. They hope it will say enough good things about them that people will buy their products or call the office. They put a few pictures out there with a sale price on it and hope people will come. That’s not iMarketing or Internet Marketing.

The reality is that users have become so accustomed to good websites that when they stumble upon one that is poorly organized or too hard to use they don’t waste time with it, they find another one.

The Five Major Keys to Internet Marketing

The following internet marketing ideas are listed in order of importance. Each ones builds on the other. We have discussions on each of these ideas.

1). SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Read our section on how to build your pages for best results.
We can show you how to:

  • Build a smart keyword database and pages designed to promote it..
  • Optimize those pages for search engine crawlers. We can make even FLASH pages popular.
  • Improve your internal linking for ease of use and continuity.
  • Submit your site to credible search engines with tracking codes to measure performance.
  • Implement campaigns to improve your visibility on other industry related sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2). Pay Per Click Advertising - We can show you how to do inexpensive campaigns that have good results.
PPC is easily measurable, offers immediate results and can provide reports about the connection between the keywords, the ad copy, the route your customer took to find you and where they ultimately landed. You can even go so far as to track conversion rates for on-line sales. But, it is easy to get lost in the swamp of information that the search engines offer.  Contact us for help.


Coupon Management

3). Content Marketing - includes ideas like:

    • blogs
    • videos
    • newsletter campaigns
    • podcasts
    • topically driven blog participation
    • article submission to other blogs

4). Social Media Marketing - on places like Facebook and Twitter.

Alabama Web Designers

5). Authority Building with reputable sites.

Dedicating resources to each of these dimensions can result in a dramatic improvement in how the internet communities respond to you.

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