Affordable Newsletters Campaigns

Everybody hates spam. We all get that. But your customers actually enjoy hearing from you. It shows they were in your planning and that you have not dropped off the planet.

Newsletter Campaigns

There’s just one small problem. Putting together a quality HTML or XHTML email and sending it out to your in-house database is no small task. It has to be built in such a way that the email readers accept it. It has to be clean enough to avoid bogging down the client’s email reader. It needs to be pretty, exciting and offer immediate opportunity.

You could ask your “marketing people” to do it and for $5.00 per head they would. Let’s see, 1,000 clients at $5.00 each means you could have mailed them a four-color brochure. Then they would resent the “junk mail” that you sent them.

Timely Newsletter Campaigns

That’s why a timely newsletter campaign is such a good solution. They only cost pennies to produce and every one that doesn’t bounce back is an assurance that the client is still there.

Including a few “time sensitive” coupons can actually result in increased sales.

So how do you get all that in a way that satisfies your aesthetics, ethics and budget?

Let us do it. Since we already have your website’s “look and feel” on file, we can tailor an email campaign to just about any idea that strikes you. Just get us the copy and any special pictures you want used and we will do the rest. Your kids will be impressed.

Have you already signed up for our email service? Then contact us about our new HTML5 savy emails.

We can help you build creative email campaigns for use at services like Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact.