Monthly Website Maintenance

Many people think of websites as static objects.  The truth is that not only do they change, but they need to change frequently.

The search engines punish websites that have stale content.  You can have the best information available, but without proper maintenance, it will become less valuable. Think of websites like pumpkins. They can go for several months without attention, but ultimately, they are a perishable commodity.

Even if the content does not need changing, the underlying architecture will change.  All websites run on operating systems such as PHP, ASP, Linux or some variation of Microsoft servers. Every operating system is constantly being improved for performance, security and functionality.  When the firm that is hosting your website updates their servers, it can break your website.

Knowing that these changes will happen and planning accordingly, insures that your clients do not miss out on all that you have to offer.WordPress Website Updates

Updating Your Content On a Regular Basis

Our basic website maintenance services include:

  • Daily Backups
  • Virus and malware scan
  • SEO checks
  • Website Integrity checks

While we are updating your content we also check for signs of hacking.  No operating system is absolutely perfect because the bad guys never sleep.

We participate in security awareness groups that sound alerts for site updates when new vulnerabilities are discovered.  Yes, it costs you something to have your site updated for the latest round of protection.  Would you rather be vulnerable to getting hacked?

Tracking Your Website’s Performance

Having too many people coming to your site is a good problem to have.  But, it is still a problem.  By tracking your site’s visitors and performance, we can help you anticipate the day when you may graduate from a shared hosting environment to a dedicated server.  Then we can help you make the transition in the least painful manner possible.

Try Our Monthly WordPress Website Review Plan

We bill our development time at $125.00/hour. Our update clients are billed at $75.00/hour for plug-in updates.

Most clients come in around an hour per month, unless they also ask for other changes.

Remember that we do not charge for quickies like date updates or spelling corrections.  Basically, if a change takes longer to bill than it does to perform then we put it in the “karma pot.”