PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising

Smarter advertisers prefer to target how they spend their money. In the past most advertising was done using a broadcasting model. Mass amounts of newspaper advertising, magazines, radio and television were used in the hope that enough exposure would result in the right person finally hearing or seeing your ad. And given the complex nature of modern culture, finding the demographic that is a good fit for your business is more challenging than ever. Social Networks

What demographic were you trying to find?

The internet is changing how search is done from broadcasting to “narrow casting.’

In other words, your chances of getting your message in front of the person who is ready to see it have increased dramatically.

Still, unless you are offering a one-of-a-kind item, there will be plenty of competition for your customers’ attention. Therefore, it may take thousands of image displays before the right customer clicks on your ad. As long as you don’t pay anything for those exposures then that kind of advertising is effective. That’s what PPC, pay-per-click, does. It enables you to only pay for the ad when someone actually uses clicks on it and successfully lands on your page.

PPC is easily measurable, offers immediate results and can provide reports about the connection between the keywords, the ad copy, the route your customer took to find you and where they ultimately landed. You can even go so far as to track conversion rates for on-line sales.

How NOT to use Pay-per-click

The success of any PPC campaign is based on the selection of the appropriate keywords for the customers you want to attract. You also need to place your ads in a context you trust. Unfortunately, there are groups that offer lots of “traffic.” However, traffic can be generated with a couple of computers and a sweatshop that’s getting paid for each ad they click and that’s not what you want.

Do not place your campaign in a setting where you can not speak with the company representative, or where you are promised large volumes of traffic the next day.

The Best Way to do PPC

We offer PPC management consultation which will help you to understand the process, and focus on your goals and objectives.

  • Building an effective PPC Campaign measures everything.

Just make sure you avoid the paralysis of analysis. Finding ways to improve your campaign is very much a trial and error experience.

  • PPC campaigns are highly driven by keywords.

However, graphical images can offer alternatives. And PPC that is tied to blog groups focused on your specific market can be much more effective than speaking to the public at large.

  • PPC Account Optimization

Tracking the marketplace reactions to your campaigns is important. By optimizing your campaign we can help you to reduce your costs.

  • PPC Reports

Firms such as Google and Bing, provide exceptional PPC reporting that tracks the number of images shown, the number clicked, where the customer landed and even conversion rates, provided that you do the homework to set up your pages properly.

Creating Ads

  • We help you create PPC campaigns for the larger search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN)
  • We offer In-depth keyword research & analysis using tools like Market Samurai and others.
  • We can tailor your Ads for different geographical locations.
  • We build Optimization pages that efficiently implement the targeted keywords
  • We guide you in effective bid management so that you don’t over-pay to be on the first page.
  • Suggested Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to see if the campaign is really working.

PPC is just one of the marketing tools that we suggests, if your goal is to increase your web traffic, generate leads, find more clients and have them contact you.