Divi Booster Solves a lot of Problems

I am writing this BLOG post using Divi’s page builder.  That’s right, the part of Divi that only used to work on pages now works in the blog editor, too.  It’s a part of a wonderful product from the people at wpthemefaqs.com

It makes perfect sense that the blog editor ought to be as flexible as the page editor.  I am sure some purist will decry the merger of such functionality, but why shouldn’t blog posts be as elegant as comparable pages?

WP Theme FAQ's

Just a representative sampling of the goodies will show you what I mean.  Here are 5 of the over 50.

I don’t think the product has been officially released, but you can get a copy here.

Divi Booster adds 50+ new configuration options to Divi
Change the height of your slider.
Stop the header from shrinking.
Easily change the background color, font size and more.

Or change the look of just one page? It’s all in there.


Reduce Your CSS Burden

Think about the number of times you have had to detail custom CSS for media queries, shopping cart products, videos and more.  With this tool you change many of those moments in to a “click it and forget it” decision.